The Caterpillar Effect

The Hustler’s Blueprint

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What comes to mind when you hear someone reference themselves as a hustler? You assume the person is obviously working toward accomplishing something amazing right?

Keep in mind the next time you hear the phrase “I’m grinding” or “I’m hustling,” don’t bother asking for specifics. Just know the hustler is expecting a major change in their life.

So, as I’m relaxing from my nine to five job, steady focusing on the dynamic of a hustler, I see a butterfly dancing around my patio. I can’t remember the last time I came in contact with a butterfly, especially one this stunning.

Eventually the butterfly parked itself on my patio as though it was perhaps taking a breather or possibly it was curious what I was up to. Who knows?

Maybe five or ten minutes lapsed before it finally flew away. As I watched it take flight I thought about the process it took to get here.

There’s a time in a butterfly’s life when it’s not so pretty. Matter of fact it’s downright ugly as a caterpillar; a slime-textured hairy contrast of what I saw on my patio.

It suddenly occurred to me the caterpillar has the ultimate hustler’s blueprint.

Early on the caterpillar recognizes it has a higher calling and strategically starts preparing to morph into either a butterfly or a moth.

At birth the caterpillar determines whether it has the capacity to be either a moth or a butterfly and begins making preparation to spin it’s covering.

The caterpillar destined to become a butterfly will always develop inside a Chrysalis. Cocoons are usually reserved for the caterpillar whose destiny is to become a moth, which is similar to a butterfly, except it doesn’t have a strong antenna or the vivid color associated with a butterfly.

In preparation for the development process inside the Chrysalis, the caterpillar begins to feed itself with plants, absorbing everything it needs until it’s nice and plump.

After the hunger phase is over, if the caterpillar feels it has whatever it needs to morph, it stops eating and hangs upside down from a branch or sturdy structure where it begins spinning it’s silk covering.

Inside the Chrysalis the metamorphosis gets underway as the caterpillar prepares to release essential body parts (legs, eyes, and wings) that stay dormant inside the caterpillar’s body until it’s ready to change.

The radical transformation soon begins as the caterpillar digests itself with enzymes, dissolving all of it’s tissue except the essential body parts sometimes referred as “imaginal disc’s.”

Subsequently the liquid cells began reconstructing into a completely new body. The caterpillar is gone and the butterfly emerges. How’s that for a hustle?




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Olivia Meadows

Olivia Meadows

“You don’t have to be famous to be famous.”