Surviving Willie Lynch

A Timeline of Change

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An eighteenth-century Hitler, Willie Lynch purportedly maintained instructions how to make a slave. Circulating articles throughout the internet suggest his letter is a hoax. Let us quickly deflate the possibility of deception and instead concentrate on the letters content.

The author gives vivid instructions how to successfully break a slave, and while some may dispute Lynch as the author, it is clear the letter’s author had first-hand knowledge how to make a slave so pardon me if your hoax theory does not resonate.

Trying to make sense of anyone who would dispute the letter’s content is like saying slavery did not exist, or it was not that bad. Furthermore, denying conditions were present for interest in “making a slave” is an insult to African Americans and their ancestors who lived through the inhumane conditions of slavery. Initially printed in the St Louis Black Pages, reports say a scholar from the Thomas Jefferson Research Center published the letter to the internet in the early 90s. The Willie Lynch Letter gained momentum by political activist, Louis Farrakhan during its unveiling at the Million Man March. Since its delivery, the letter has received heighten popularity and remains a source of controversy.

Surviving Willie Lynch: A Timeline of Change, is a narrative with factual content used to identify systemic racism in relevance to modern day Black America. We cannot deny slave molding tactics exist and were utilized by plantation owners throughout the South. Focusing on the possibility of a myth instead of the letter’s content is a wrong we must correct. The fact at hand, slavery was real and the violent conditions in which Africans were transported to America is real.

Nearly five centuries later, the African descendants are still fighting for equality still lynched, and still economically depressed.

But why?

People of color are still under the letter’s influence. Over one hundred years since the slaves were freed and Black Lives Matter is still up for debate. Interim, African Americans are unjustly profiled, murdered, and disproportionately affected by poverty and health issues in a country they built.

Where do we go from here and how will we bypass the Willie Lynch modules?

Read Surviving Willie Lynch: A Timeline of Change

Surviving Willie Lynch by Olivia Meadows



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