Let’s Talk About Martine Moise

Do You Know the Haitian First Lady Who Survived a Double Assassination Attempt?

Olivia Meadows


image courtesy of Guyana Chronicle

The President of Haiti, Jovenal Moise, and his wife were victims of an overnight attack at their residence in Port-Au-Prince Haiti on July 7, 2021.

Martine Moise survived the assassination; her husband was not so fortunate.

Prior to the night of the incident, President, Jovenel Moise had been labelled an easy target by his own security team in conjunction with a band of former Columbian soldiers who carried out the mercenary act.

The Haitian police investigation team report,

During the attack his security team showed no intention of defending the Head of State, let alone the presidential family.

Martine Moise, wife of slain Haitian President told NBC News, “the men who assassinated my husband also believed they had killed me.”

In her description to NBC the First Lady recalls the horrifying details the night of July 7 when the assassins erupted into her home, shot her, and then killed her husband, the former President of Haiti.

Martine goes on to say how she is still in disbelief that the band of assassins got past the 30 to 50 security team members who were positioned at their presidential residence during the attack, and that none of the security team as much as received a paper cut during the encounter.

The Haitian National Police have since arrested 18 Columbians and three Haitian Americans, including Florida resident, Emmanuel Sanon, who have all been linked with the assassination.

Conditions in Haiti have been persistently tensing and seemingly have gotten worse since the July 7th assassination of their Head of State.

Haiti, who shares an island with the Dominican Republic, has been no stranger to corruption, greed, and political controversy.

As the first independent black republic in the world, Haiti achieved their freedom by defeating Napoleon and the French colonists who were using slave labor to harvest the islands rich supply of imports.