Is Hairy Too Scary for Men?

The Hair or Bare Vagina Decision

Olivia Meadows
3 min readFeb 2, 2021

Ladies, in modern time it’s not pretentious to know if we should keep it bare or with hair down there.

It can be a difficult decision because we are not making it for ourselves. Instead, we base it on the philosophy of what men think.

You know it’s true so don’t deny it.

Women value the opinion of a man.

If he prefers big butts what do we do? We get plastic surgery. If he likes big breasts, what do we do? We get implants. The demand to please never ends, but as women what is it that we want for our vagina?

We grapple with the decision, but the hair is there for a reason, to protect the Yoni.

See, the pubes work like a fortress surrounding your island, keeping it safe from invaders. If you decide to go completely bare, you may be putting your vagina at risk for infection.

Because pubic hair works as a protective shield, trapping pathogens from entering your body, removing the pubes increases the likelihood of acquiring urinary and yeast infections as well as vaginitis.

With that knowledge, the decision to go natural is making a comeback.

Many women feel liberated without shaving, no longer forced to deal with chaffing and irritation.

Despite studies show 30 % of men say women with pubic hair is a turn-off.

When did having an adult Yoni suddenly become a turn-off?

Thanks to the initial years of Hugh Hefner’s magazine, women with images of little girl vaginas caught on like wildfire.

Shortly afterwards, American men developed a fetish for bare Yoni.
As a result, the fascination has become so prevalent in our society that men are now intimidated by a hairy vagina.

If you are considering reclaiming your vagina and opt for the Traditional Eve, keep it neat and keep it trimmed. Excessive vaginal hair can be an unsightly image and while we know the science behind pubic hair is essential to maintaining the PH balance of the vagina, we also recognize the need for men to control what we do to our bodies is a real issue.

Hair or bare what’s a lady to do?

Have the conversation with your significant other, find out the reason they prefer a bare vagina and why a Traditional Eve would be a deal breaker?

There could be several reasons why your significant other may be frightened by a hairy Yoni which may have more to do with their own inhibitions and ego rather than the natural image of your vagina.

After the discussion take control of your body.

If you decide to keep it bare or with hair, do so not under the influence but because it’s what you want.

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