5 Reasons You Can’t Pimp a Butterfly

Olivia Meadows
3 min readSep 2, 2021
image by Krebe

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty” Mayou Angelo

If you don’t know by now you can’t pimp a butterfly and here’s, why.

  1. They’ve Been Through Too Much to Allow Themselves to be Pimped

Crawling around on the ground as a caterpillar, ugly AF, and then developing inside a chrysalis is not easy. Inside the chrysalis there’s barely enough room to move, it’s hot, uncomfortable, and nobody believes your destiny, interim, the caterpillar gets no respect from peers, social media or family.

2. They Have the Ultimate Hustle

A caterpillar recognizes its destiny and starts preparing for the metamorphosis inside the chrysalis. Like Noah, no one believes it is going to rain, and the caterpillars’ acquaintances sit back and watch as they toil and labor, gathering food and hunting for a sturdy limb to spin their chrysalis.

Friends and family watch from the sideline, simply because they have no desire to be a butterfly, being a moth is as far as they plan to go.

3. Caterpillars are Strong, and Carry Much Weight

Caterpillars experience their fair share of burdens simply because life before a butterfly is hard. No one helps you transform, it’s something you must do alone, there’s no blueprint, no magic wand and no set of instructions.

In the meantime, a caterpillar is stuck carrying around their wings, legs, eyes, and antenna inside imaginal discs until the moment occurs when the hard work pays off and they no longer need to crawl.

Once the hunger phase is complete and there’s enough food during the transformation to sustain life, the caterpillar begins to break down— getting rid of the old body, the bad experiences, and the doubt they carried before becoming a butterfly.

Soon afterwards enzymes are released that destroy the caterpillar’s body, magically preserving the discs that contain their new wings, legs, eyes, and they emerge as the Butterfly.

4. Butterflies Recognize Their Beauty but Remain Humble